Shucking Bubba Acoustic

This dynamic, play by request, musical trio has a unique unplugged sound that draws on a range of influences from Elvis to Prince . . . Johnny Cash to The Goo Goo Dolls . . . U2 to Bare Naked Ladies . . . just to name a few.
You name the song, we’ll play it — or at least a Shucking Bubba version of it. Pop? Rock? R&B? Country? We’ve got it covered.
Mark Reinhart’s amazing versatility on guitar, combined with Sudhir’s swagger and Brian’s percussion barrage gives Shucking Bubba what it takes to rock the house in a way you never thought possible with an acoustic band. SBA sets the perfect vibe by playing great music and peppering their performance with spontaneous crowd interaction — to make damn sure every one there has a great time.

Nightly drink specials served up from the best bar staff in Columbus.