Rumspringa started as a crazy vision in a garage. Maxxx and Spunky got an idea after attending one of the best heavy metal concerts they had ever seen. When going to concerts from that moment forward they started dressing in spandex and torn up band tees. Not only did it feel right, but chicks would even yell out of passing cars about how much they loved their hair and tight pants. After realizing what they could accomplish with their new look, they began writing and playing music all while pissing off their neighbors by turning the garage into the biggest stage in the neighborhood. Life was good. But something still seemed to be missing.
After a few years of playing to tracks with just Maxxx’s guitar and Spunky’s bass, the rock duo knew they needed the right voice. After a long, hard search…they finally found the one. Ajax Barkley and his heavy-metal, angel-like voice joined them and became the new voice of Rumspringa. With Ajax and newly added pyrotechnics to their stage presence their new image and sound was complete. They began their search for the last piece of the puzzle. A drummer with the image, attitude, and chops to round out the band. Luckily, they crossed paths with Johnny Colt, who not only checked all the boxes but overqualified. He fit the bill and joined the band. Johnny brought a pounding heartbeat to the band.
That heartbeat along with Spunky’s thunder, Maxxx’s shedding sizzle, Ajax’s soaring vocals, and their in-your-face style, Rumspringa is prepared to turn heads in the music world.