Katie Zerby and the RED HOTS

Katie and the RED HOTS are a primarily 80’s rock/pop band based in Columbus, Ohio. Formed by Katie in 2016, the band is comprised of veteran musicians who were performing the hits of the 80’s as they were being released, and they’re doing it again today with renewed energy and passion. Since the band’s inception, Katie and the RED HOTS have continued to build momentum and a following, as they delight their audience with each and every performance.

In addition to the 80’s, the band throws in a good mix of classic rock by 70’s artists such as Led Zeppelin, Foghat, Allman Brothers Band, and Grand Funk Railroad, as well as more recent hits by artists such as Katy Perry and No Doubt. All of this, and much more, is delivered with the highest quality musicianship and stellar vocals, for a truly exceptional sound and entertainment experience.


Nightly drink specials served up from the best bar staff in Columbus.